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The apartment is a newly decorated, modern flat suitable for shorter as well as longer stay in Zagreb. If you have plans for such a stay, we offer you a comfortable accommodation in a two bedroom three star apartment. The apartment is situated in the western part called Vrbani in the vicinity of one of the major Zagreb streets - Zagreb Avenue. The apartment has 73 square meters and can comfortably accommodate 4-6 persons. It is air conditioned and full of bright natural light. The apartment is very close to the lake of Jarun as well as to several shopping and business centers (City Centar One, Arena, Zagreb Fair, Metro, Mercator, Getro, Konzum, Convention Center Antunovic).

Enjoy the beauties and the charm of the city of Zagreb as well as the pleasant atmosphere of our apartment. Explore the city of Zagreb and relax in the Prestige Apartment. Zagreb has a lot of lively squares, beautiful parks, a great deal of outdoors events as well as two attractive sports and recreational Centers: Jarun and Bundek with lakes when you can swim and enjoy other activities and where you will definitely have fun, night and day. In Zagreb there are a lot of interesting and attractive activities waiting for you, as well as an abundant offer in culture and gastronomy. Let your visits to Zagreb and enjoyment in its offers be your unforgettable vacation or business trip.